Bogdan Bogdanovic To The Knicks? Scouting Report, Fit, And Several Trade Scenarios.

image via JOSÉ LUIS VILLEGAS & The Sacramento Bee

Bogdan Bogdanovic Scouting Report

Important Statistics


  • 28.1 Minutes Per Game
  • 14.5 Points Per Game
  • 38.3% Three-Point Percentage
  • 54.7% True Shooting Percentage
  • 3.6 Assists Per Game
  • 1.1 Steals Per Game
  • 44.8% Field Goal Percentage In The 4th Quarter (Highest Percentage Of Any Quarter)
  • 41.7% Three-Point Percentage In The 4th Quarter (2nd Highest Percentage Of Any Quarter And On 2.5 Attempts- Most Of Any Quarter)
  • 0.8 Points Per Possession As Ball Handler On The Pick & Roll With A High Frequency Of 30.1%


  • 2.6 Rebounds Per Game
  • 2.0 Free Throw Attempts Per Game
  • 66.1% Free Throw Percentage
  • 2.0 Turnovers Per Game
  • 1.77 Assist/Turnover Ratio
Bogdan Bogdanovic’s Current Shot Chart Displays Poor Percentages Around The Rim, But Very High Percentages From Outside The Paint



  • Shooting Stroke (Smooth With High Release)
  • Quick Release (On Jump Shots & Around Rim)
  • Shooting Off The Dribble
  • Step-Back Jumper
  • Footwork Around Screens On And Off Ball
  • Passing
  • Patience And Poise
  • Crafty- Ability To Utilize Fakes And Create Space
  • Spacing The Floor
  • Pick And Roll
  • Clutch


  • Finishing Around The Rim
  • Shot Selection
  • Ball Handling
  • Turnovers
  • Free Throw Shooting
  • Drawing Fouls
  • Burst/Speed



  • Getting Into Passing Lanes
  • Footwork
  • Length


  • Lateral Quickness
  • Lacks Strength And Is Not Physical (Most Noticeable Around The Rim)
  • Rebounding

Fit With Knicks

Bogdan Bogdanovic is a pure shooter that can create for himself and others off the dribble. He lacks athleticism, but his craftiness and shot-making ability makes up for it offensively. Bogdanovic does have some clear issues on defense. A pairing of him and a strong, defensive, point guard would be very beneficial for him. Hence, a pairing between him and Frank Ntilikina would be monumentally beneficial for both players. Ntilikina has been thriving in the pick and roll, especially with Mitchell Robinson (another major piece of the Knicks young core). Adding a premier shooting threat to space the floor would give Ntilikina and Robinson more room to operate around the paint. Frank is a tremendous passer and can surely kick it out to Bogdanovic when defenses collapse, looking to take the lob away from Robinson. However, when defenses stick to Bogdanovic because of his shooting prowess, Robinson will have ample opportunity for dunks and Frank will certainly have the option to take an elbow jumper (he’s been knocking down consistently as of late). Guards will need to sag below screens to help double Robinson if their weak-side help will be glued to Bogdanovic (leading to Ntilikina and the other Knicks getting more open looks).

The Knicks have been trying to play with more pace and get downhill more. New York’s strategy is to break defenses from the inside and kick the ball out to shooters on the perimeter. They have struggled shooting from three this season (34.3%, 24th in the NBA), hindering their offensive game plan. Bogdanovic is shooting 38.3% from three and 39.1% from three on catch and shoot attempts. The Knicks severely lack scoring from their guards, putting a lot of pressure and bringing a lot of attention to their front court on offense. Four of the Knicks top five scorers are members of the front court (Morris Sr., Randle, Robinson, Portis). RJ Barrett (13.8 ppg) is the only guard on the team to average over 9 points per game. Bogdanovic is averaging 14.5 ppg and would instantly become the Knicks top, scoring, guard.

The addition of Bogdan Bogdanovic would likely take lots of pressure away from the rest of the Knicks players. Bogdanovic averages 3.6 assists per game and is a very good passer. He especially looks for big men around the basket (Robinson, Randle, and Portis would be major benefactors). His scoring help would also take the pressure off of Payton and Ntilikina to score and allow for them to play more freely. Also, being the top three-point shooting threat on the floor, other Knicks shooters such as Kevin Knox, Reggie Bullock, Damyean Dotson, and others would likely have more open looks from deep. Bogdanovic does have some issues with turnovers and ball handling, but would match nicely next to Payton or Ntilikina, both of whom do not turn the ball over often. Payton owns the Knicks 3rd best assist to turnover ratio of 3.05. Frank is 4th with a ratio of 2.44. The Knicks are 10th best in the NBA in turnovers per game and Julius Randle leads the Knicks averaging 2.9 turnovers per game. Bogdanovic could help alleviate the double teams on Randle, allowing for him to turn the ball over less and have more space to attack the rim.

Defensively Bogdanovic isn’t a top tier defender. However, he is savvy and can help the Knicks get in transition more. New York averages 10.4 fast break points per game (28th in the NBA). Bogdanovic averages 1.1 steals per game and has very good instincts on defense to jump into passing lanes. Intercepted passes, often lead to opportunities in transition. Bogdanovic struggles defending the paint and rebounding due to his lack of strength. This could be shadowed by the Knicks strength in those departments. The Knicks are 9th in the NBA in rebounding and often play with big lineups. Bogdanovic would have ample help around the basket when playing alongside Morris Sr., Randle, and Robinson (the usual front court down the stretch of games). His issues with lateral quickness and getting over screens shouldn’t be a major concern due to his length (6-6 with a wingspan of 6-11) and with the Knicks utilizing a “drop-coverage” scheme on defense. Drop coverage emphasizes guarding the paint and sagging below screens defensively (mostly on pick and rolls).

What Would A Trade Look Like?

Bogdanovic is on the last year of his contract and the Kings likely cannot afford to offer him the amount of money he is set to make in free agency. Sacramento is tied long-term to Harrison Barnes (over $24 million) and will need to extend Marvin Bagley and De’Aaron Fox in the coming year or two. Other core players, Richaun Holmes and Harry Giles III, are also nearing the end of their deals as well. Sacramento has their backcourt duo of the future locked-in, between Fox and Buddy Hield. Paying Bogdanovic doesn’t make sense for them long-term, to just be a 6th man. The Kings will likely move him before the deadline as they can get a nice return for him and won’t want him to walk for nothing in the off-season. Sacramento will almost definitely look to package their disgruntled Center, Dewayne Dedmon, in any trade involving Bogdanovic. Dedmon has publicly asked for a trade and is set to earn over $13 million for the following two seasons. Dedmon is currently averaging 5 points and 4 rebounds per game after having a breakout campaign with Atlanta in his previous two seasons. He averaged over 10 points and 7.5 rebounds per game in his two years with Atlanta. His level of play is not the reason for his drop in numbers. His minutes being slashed in half (roughly 28 per game to now 14) is the culprit for his regression. Dedmon (30 years old) is an experienced big that can help develop and share the minutes at Center with Mitchell Robinson.

The Kings will likely be seeking young, forwards and draft picks in a deal. Sacramento would probably have interest in Julius Randle, Kevin Knox, and Bobby Portis. The Kings would also be down a backup shooting guard and could have interest in filling that opening with the likes of Reggie Bullock, Damyean Dotson, Allonzo Trier, or Wayne Ellington. Sacramento may potentially have interest in Dennis Smith Jr. if they feel he can play alongside Cory Joseph. The Knicks most likely would entertain a package of Bobby Portis, Dennis Smith Jr., and Damyean Dotson along with the Mavericks 2021 1st round pick. However, Sacramento may pressure the Knicks into centering a deal around either Julius Randle, multiple draft picks, or a package involving Kevin Knox and other young members of the Knicks. New York has the assets and cap space to make a move for Bogdanovic and resign him; the question is how much are they willing to offer.

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