About Me

My name is Jeff Serin. I am a recent business graduate from Hillsborough, New Jersey and I am currently earning my Masters of Science in Data and Analytics. I play baseball while attending Drew University and I enjoy writing. Some of my hobbies include basketball, golf, video games, writing poetry, and listening to music. I aspire to work in the sports industry after college on the business/marketing side, media coverage, or in a team’s front office. Through sports I have learned how to work effectively with others and I enjoy hearing others’ ideas and viewpoints. I hope to bring that attitude along with my passion for sports to this blog and to the Knicks fan community. I look forward to sharing my views of the Knicks with the rest of the community and exchanging ideas with everyone, while answering Knicks questions.

What Will I be Talking About?

  • What to Watch For
  • Postgame Reviews
  • Predictions
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Opinions on Players/Coaches/Team
  • Effects of Injuries
  • All Things Knicks